How to do offline data backup of an Ionic 2, couchbase lite app?

I am a beginner and developing an app using Cordova, ionic2 and Couchbase Lite for user data storage. I want the app to work offline. The app should be able to back up the data stored in the Couchbase Lite data base to a specific location in the mobile itself. Suggestion or an example code that performs this task helps me a lot. Thanks in advance.

The getting-started tutorial for PhoneGap is here.

I want an example (sample code) that performs users data backup of the app.

You want to copy data from the database to someplace else on the device? We don’t have sample code showing that specific task. It’s not hard to do though; just iterate over all the documents, convert its properties into whatever format you want (like JSON), and write those to a file.

I will try your suggestion. Thank you.