How to configure the python client to access couchbase cluster via moxi?

It appears that the python client is NOT cluster aware, can this be solved with connecting the python client to a moxi proxy?

Maybe cluster aware wasn’t the right word but basically if you have a cluster with 3 nodes. when using the couchbase client you connect to a single node that then fetches a list of nodes and populate the self.servers array from CouchbaseClient. now if you terminate the node that the couchbase client connected to the client loose connection with the cluster. since the client now have a list of servers I would expect that it wouldn’t care that node1 is offline. Each bucket is replicated on all the nodes.
This is a single point of failure, the client should not be affected by losing 1 or 2 nodes since all of the data is also on node 3 minus the replication queue.

Hello Alexe,
I am not a Python specialist but the Python SDK like many others leverage the libcouchbase library that is for sure cluster aware.
So before looking at moxi, I would like to understand why you are saying that the Python client is not cluster aware? (this is just to help me found the good person in the community to answer)

I see what you mean.
So the Python client is today cluster aware as you stated, but it is true that it is not today “change aware” this is a known issue that should be fixed when working on the new version of the Python library.
I will continue to investigate and look to your moxi issue.
So do you have some code, error, and explanation about what happens with moxi?

Sorry I don’t. We have totally abandoned Moxi and the official python client. We are writing our own client and will be releasing it on github at some point.

Have you looked at the work we are doing today on the Python SDK:
What is the status of your project around the Python SDK?

In some ways, this question is no longer relevant, as the new python client, which is cluster aware, has now been released! No need for moxi. Version 1.0 is available and is cluster aware. There were API changes during the 0.x series though, so do be aware that you’ll probably have to make some code changes.