How run n1ql with couchbase server 3.0

Hi. I want to play a bit with n1ql on my laptop. I have couchbase server 3.0.3 installed, and I want to keep this installation since this is the same one we use for production.
Is there a way to use n1ql with this version, since I did not find any downloads for it, only the couchbase 4 download.
BTW. I’m using ubuntu14.04.



N1QL is not available anymore for the 3.x. You have to use Couchbase 4 (which offers many other great features you should link into like MultiDimensionalScaling, Secondary indexes and ForestDB) .

hi @ekeydar,
as laurent said, the latest and greatest is Couchbase 4 BETA. What you could do if you want to keep your local Couchbase 3 installation is use a virtual machine-based approach with Vagrant.

There’s a repository of Couchbase Vagrant configurations on github couchbaselabs.

Basically you want to change the root vagrantfile to tune a few parameters at the beginning like RAM quota and number of nodes, then cd 4.0.0-beta/ubuntu14 and vagrant up.