How I can upgrade Couchbase Lite version 1.3.1 on Objective-C to latest Couchbase Lite version 3.0?

I am new for Couchbase lite.

I have already setup of Couchbase lite 1.3.1 on objective-C and its working fine. I have to upgrade this with Couchbase lite 3.0.

In latest Couchbase lite lost of changes. Ex: CBLManager is not supporting, properties object is not available in CBLDocument

Could you please guide me how I can start this?

Any document where I can find not supporting class, methods, properties alternative?

Thanks in advance.

I am not aware of a specific guide for upgrading, but the getting started guide should give you a feel for the API. Pretty much everything was redone and rewritten so it’s probably best to try to understand the way that the new API works rather than directly translating. For example, instead of map and reduce SQL++ / QueryBuilder queries are now used, and database objects are created standalone rather than through a manager.

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