How does Couchbase Lite Replicator handle connectivity issues for attachments and blobs

If we have a document with multiple attachments, how does the replicator handle disconnections? Does it pause/resume the download of the binary/blob attachment data or does it restart with each drop in connectivity?

We have a large number of attachments on our documents syncing down to the device, so we are worried about managing bad connectivity when these documents have a large number of attachments.

A document isn’t added to the database until all of its attachments have been downloaded. But an individual attachment is added as soon as it completes.

Unfortunately we don’t yet support resumeable download of attachments, so, if the replication fails partway through pulling a document with attachments, any incomplete attachments will be downloaded again in their entirety the next time the replicator runs. (But already-completed attachments won’t be downloaded again.)

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