Couchbase Lite attachments syncing

Hi ,

Xamarin.Android CB.Lite .NET & Sync_gateway version : 1.2

Am adding a 3-4 PDF’s as attachments in each document and when trying to download those in my CB.Lite only the first PDF is visible and then am getting error in the output from the Bulk Downloader. but deleting the topmost attachment from the list reveals the next attachments in the mobile end and then the same exception goes of.

Which is like Queue flow where the First item gets visible and the rest stays unknown and then after dequeuing first attachment the second one is visible … etc.

Sync_Gateway is configured in the Ubuntu machine.

This is a show stopper for us currently not able to present a demo to the client.

Thanks in advance

That’s an odd error, and odder still that it seems to fix by just removing the first attachment. Does this only happen from replication?

yes this happens only when pull replication is in process and it’s not getting fixed after removing the first attachment it’s showing the 2nd attachment that’s all. But still the remaining attachments are not visible in the Recyclerview in which am displaying the list of available attachments

Note: It was not working with Windows 7 also that was a minor mistake in the ticket.

this is the exception which am getting while trying to pull documents from the Attachments Database.

@borrrden it seems like you’re the lead developer for the CouchbaseLite.Net , can you please suggest a workaround or confirm it as a bug so that it would be easy from our side to make decisions and move forward.

May be related to this issue in the Obj-C implementation. If so, it sounds like the original bug is in the Android/Java implementation (setting the wrong length of an attachment.)

Have any of the attachments been generated by the Java version of Couchbase Lite? If not, do you have reproduction steps?

Hey there guys. I’m adding some more back-and-forth from the Android / java-core side of things straight from the git issue tracker :

We have not been able to reproduce this on our side in any way. Every instance we have of this are remote clients that we troll our sync gateway logs for. If we are able to provide these, which are set to maximum, with a given set of timestamps, would you be able to diagnose this issue?