How do I configure kv timeout using the PHP sdk?

I need to increase the general timeout for accessing key/value documents

How can I do this in PHP?

also, is there any settings for the number of retries?

I receive in logs messages like Orphan responses observed. What may be the cause?

PHP message: [cb,WARN] (tracer L:147 I:1243402330) Orphan responses observed: {“count”:1,“service”:“kv”,“top”:[{“last_local_address”:“IP_REDACTED:38570”,“last_local_id”:“4f42c7264a1cd05a/7a8ad96d3e2d780e”,“last_operation_id”:“0x2cad”,“last_remote_address”:“SERVER_HOSTNAME_REDACTED:11210”,“operation_name”:“get”,“server_us”:0,“total_us”:2500517}]}

If I will increase the general timeout would these messages disappear?

not sure if you were talking about SDK 3.0

I found this example from documentation.
I am unsure if this fixes your messages

$opts = new GetOptions();
$opts->timeout(3000 /* milliseconds */);
$res = $collection->get(“document-key”, $opts);

Thanks, @AV25242 ,

but I was looking for something global, not per operation.

I have found this in the doc (for Ruby SDK)

but for some reason doesn’t seem to work on PHP.

The documentation in the PHP is super basic and it does not seem to cover this part.

I started another thread about this here: but I haven’t received an answer yet.