How can we check status document (synchronized or not ) in couchbase Lite

When I add a new document in the off-line mode the document not synchronized , how can I check whether document synchronize to sever or not ?

The iOS/Mac implementation has a method CBLReplication.isDocumentPending that does this (in versions 1.2+.) I don’t think it’s been ported to the other implementations yet.

Hi jens,

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Actually I,m making an (file Upload App) with Android , I wonder how can I check whether the document :

  1. Sent to Sync gateway or not ?
  2. Sync gateway sent it to Server or not?

As you suggest I see In replication changed_event it have isDocumentPending method.
public void changed(Replication.ChangeEvent event) {
Replication replication = event.getSource();

We can use it to check pending document at Sync_gateway when we create document ? Is it true ?

It looks like isDocumentPending has been implemented in Java, at least on the master branch. So yes, you should be able to use it.

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If you have more free times, could you please write a tut or some code for me . So I can refer and follow it quickly.

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Sorry, my Java is way too rusty to attempt this, and I don’t have the free time.

Thanks jens at all with your support !