How can i query the system based on requestID via N1QL

Everytime when i execute a query via N1QL my SDK also returns me a section with metrics and requestID like this.

requestID: ‘d93d7fec-4719-4c4b-8988-2976ea893ac9’,
signature: { ‘’: '’ },
status: ‘success’,
{ elapsedTime: ‘3.262774ms’,
executionTime: ‘3.124539ms’,
resultCount: 1,
resultSize: 1287 }

Now if i want to go in the log and find this request it seems impossible specially if you run a ton of query’s since there is no filter option. So i tried the workbench to query like this

select * from system:completed_requests where requestId = 'd93d7fec-4719-4c4b-8988-2976ea893ac9'
but that does not find anything, why is that. Also i found using a query by requestID is quite slow.

So question is how can i find a complete query based on requestID and can one create a index in the logfile to make finding them faster ?

system:completed_requests only tracks the queries that take more than 1sec and there is also default 4000 entries.

You can control them through settings
NOTE: increase in limit or decrease in threshold need more memory.