How can I get php_couchbase.dll x64 for Windows 7?

As per subject, I need the 64 bit version of php_couchbase.dll to use on Windows 7. I know that there is a 32 bit version available, but it won’t work on a 64 bit setup, and I can’t reinstall everything in 32 bit just for that single file. I saw that there are 64 bit versions for Linux, but I don’t have a Linux environment for development.
Is there a place where I can download the DLL, or can it be built somehow (possibly, without having to install gigabytes of SDK)?

Thanks in advance fore the answers.

does windows support installation of the extensions from pecl site?

I just checked the status of PECL for Windows. It seems that the support for the OS is still minimal, thus it’s not possible to build all of the extensions. I tried the couchbase one, with no luck.