How can I create a S390X RPM?

I am presently testing a product that is being ported to the IBM S390X architecture. It is Maven and Docker based offering with about 25 containers, including one to run Couchbase. There is a good description of the build for s390x at Someone went to a lot of trouble to figure out the patches necessary to make Couchbase work. I have taken all of this info and automated the build, via Maven/docker. The problem is it is about 150 run lines, takes about 1:30 hours to do the build and that includes a lot of deleting of files to reduce the size of the container. It was 12GB and I’ve gotten it down to 3GB. I wish it was down to 500MB or less.
I would love to have an rpm, as we have on x86. It is way too costly to maintain two different maven files to build “portable” code. I’ve successfully used maven profiles to make it 5 lines or less of unique mainframe input.
I should point out that our code is working well, so far. We are going to benchmark it with IBM soon. So having a more light weight build would be extremely valuable to us.
Can anyone help me get toward an RPM for Couchbase on s390x? I am happy to do whatever I can, on the s390x side, to make that a reality. I am willing to pull in people from IBM and Open Mainframe Project, from a political perspective, to get this done, if necessary.

Hi Jim,

In terms of the patches required for s390x, if you raise those on our code review ( the different component owners can consider merging them. I had a quick scan and most of the C/C++ ones looked relatively innocuous (#ifdef s390x), but clearly the other changes which comment out code would need a “proper” fix.

In terms of an RPM, you should speak to our PM - paging @anil and @don

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Thank you for the feedback. I will look into the code review aspects. I look forward to hearing from @anil and @don


I’d like to connect with you to understand what the requirements are for S390X. Officially, supporting System Z is in our long-term roadmap.

don (at) couchbase (dot) com

I’ve sent you a private note. Thanks for the quick response.

@don, I sent original note to the wrong person. Did you ever get the corrected note to your couchbase id?

Hi Jim,

I did not receive your email address. You can email me back at don (at) couchbase (dot) com

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