How best to deploy libcouchbase to AWS Elasticbeanstalk image

So we using AWS EB to host our API servers, with Couchbase server as the backend. Our EB API servers make calls to CB using the python client lib. My problem is how best to configure the EB image with the python libcouchbase-devel. Just having it listed as a package in the EB config file doesn’t work (presumably because it is not a standard package?).

I found a relatively old post on this subject (see: Is this still valid and/or the recommended way of doing this? Seems somewhat clunky.

Any advice, much appreacited.

Now we also distribute release package, just like EPEL repository does. So the installation might be simplified a bit:

sudo yum install
sudo yum install libcouchbase-devel libcouchbase2-libevent

Great - thanks for there response, I’ll give that a try.