Error when installing couchbase python sdk

I’m trying to install the couchbase python sdk, however I keep getting this error.

I installed everything it said to in the couchbase docs. Even after restarting the error persists. Any help would be appreciated.

What OS and platform is this on and are you trying to install the current Python client or the 3.0 beta? Under /tmp/pip-record-SjjGXK/ there is a text file that may help us understand in more detail what went wrong. Can you place that somewhere we can get to it?

@ellis.breen may have some more suggestions too.

Yes, please try installing with

pip install <version> -v -v -v

where is the version you want to install. Then send us the output, along with the exact command line you used.



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That’s the output from pip install couchbase -v -v -v @ellis.breen

@ingenthr This is Fedora Server 30. I’m just installing 2.5.1 (or at least trying to). There is no such folder under /tmp as far as I can see.

EDIT: No file either under /tmp with that name

The install log shows that the installer cannot find the libcouchbase headers. Did you follow the instructions to install libcouchbase first? You will need the libcouchbase-dev package as well libcouchbase itself.

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@ellis.breen That worked! Than you so much for the help! :heart:

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