HELP! How to recover a node that has its ip changed

I know it’s an old topic and it’s also a bad practice to use IP for your node name, but is there a way to recover a node that has changed its IP address?

The node is running in kubernates, it has a data node and an index node. We didn’t use a Statefulset initially so all the pods have dynamic IP addresses and we were using them as the node name. Magically the server has been quite stable for the past years so we never bother to update the setup. Two days ago the node became unresponsive because k8s killed the Pod (and create a new one with newly assigned IP). Since it’s the only data node we are not able to restart the node anymore (It shows the initialization UI (create a new cluster or join an existing one).
I tried:

  • updating the ip_start/ip/couchbase-server.node with the new IP
  • replacing the old IP with the new one in config/config.dat

Nothing seems to work :smiling_face_with_tear:.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone had an idea on how to bring the old cluster back!!