Dynamic Ip Address re-connection problem JAVA sdk


We are using Couchbase as our main database, so we want to minimize the downtime as much as we can.

Sometimes one of the Couchbase suffer a restart, it may sometimes change the node IP address

When it happen, the java sdk enters in a loop trying to reconnect but it never could re-connect since the IP address changed:

Could not connect to endpoint on reconnect attempt 31, retrying with delay 4096 MILLISECONDS: com.couchbase.client.deps.io.netty.channel.ConnectTimeoutException: connection timed out: couchbase-set-0.couchbase.****.cluster.local/***.***.***.***:11210
Socket connect took longer than specified timeout: connection timed out: couchbase-set-0.couchbase.****svc.cluster.local/***.***.***.***:11210

Is there any way of automatically refresh the couchbase IP without having any downtime on our couchbase calls?

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Further details:
Couchbase community 5.1.1
Couchbase java sdk 2.5.9

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The SDKs regularly retrieve a cluster map from the cluster and adjust topology to what the cluster map sasy. If you see that in the log, it would appear to indicate the cluster is telling the SDK that there is a node there. You could probably confirm this by increasing the log level.

I think we’d need more info on the exact scenario, but I don’t believe the cluster itself supports/handles IPs changing on cluster nodes. You can probably make it work by going to hostnames that track the changing IPs. @artem may be able to offer more info on what’s happening with the cluster.

Hi @ingenthr @artem

Thanks for the reply!

You can probably make it work by going to hostnames that track the changing IPs.

Currently in our connection string we use Hostnames, but i believe that internally couchbase get the IP address of each node.

The SDKs regularly retrieve a cluster map from the cluster and adjust topology to what the cluster map sasy.

It is possible to force the client to update the cluster topology from the cluster using the original connection string?

We are using Couchbase inside Kubernetes, and sometimes Kubernetes do a restarts to pods including couchbase - that makes couchbase change IP address

Do you think that https://docs.couchbase.com/java-sdk/2.7/managing-connections.html#using-dns-srv-records could help solving this problem ?

Thanks in advance.

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The client needs at least one of the nodes in the list/connection string supplied to be responding for the cluster. As long as they don’t all restart and take on new IPs, this would work.

But, as you identified, this would cause a problem of maintaining the list. And yes, our solution for that is DNS SRV records. You can maintain an SRV record with the nodes in the cluster and that’ll work.

Note also since you brought up K8s, there’s a newer feature called Multi-Network Configurations for the case where the nodes may move and the application is outside the pod. You can read more about it as #39 in the sdk-rfcs and @chaitra.ramarao is working on further requirements for the feature.

Hi @ingenthr,

We configured the SRV record in kubernetes, with success:

Loaded seed nodes from DNS SRV [couchbase-set-0.couchbase.****-staging.svc.cluster.local, couchbase-set-1.couchbase.****-staging.svc.cluster.local].

But after the couchbase pod restart, the IP changed from to, and our client was retrying forever the old IP address (only a restart to our application can solve this)

[couchbase-set-0.couchbase.****-staging.svc.cluster.local/][KeyValueEndpoint]: Could not connect to endpoint on reconnect attempt 2102, retrying with delay 4096 MILLISECONDS: com.couchbase.client.deps.io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedNoRouteToHostException: No route to host: couchbase-set-0.couchbase.*****-staging.svc.cluster.local/
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Hi again @ingenthr,

I starting inspecting the couchbase SDK source code, and I detected that the couchbase is caching the resolution of the IP address from the Hostname.

There a a ticket in the github already:

We really need this pull request to be merged…


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It’s already merged in client 2.7.2 which shipped in December 2018.

The property is com.couchbase.forceDnsLookupOnReconnect as indicated in the changeset. Set it to true and you should have what you need (the docs cover how to set these). Looks like we’ll need to add it to the docs as well. Filed DOC-4718.

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Hi @ingenthr

I think it was not released yet, because subalakr told that will be released only next week.

Thanks, i hope this problem is solved quickly

You’re correct-- I must have mis-read something. Sorry about that. It’s targeted to 2.7.3 which is just wrapping up release.