Getting "Database is locked"errors

While checking the logs for one of the Android devices for an issue we came across the following error :-

08:29:28.844085| [Sync] ERROR: {C4Replicator#5467} State: busy, progress=0.00%, error=LiteCore error 16 "database is locked"
08:29:28.845734| [Sync] ERROR: {C4Replicator#5467} State: idle, progress=0.00%, error=LiteCore error 16 "database is locked"

None of the other devices seemed to face this issue.
Can you please let as know as to what could be the consequences of these errors and when do they usually happen as we are not able to replicate them at our end
We are currently running couchbase lite 2.8.6 for Android on the aforementioned device.

The error here is a specific one meaning that another process or thread is using the database and keeps it occupied for too long so that the thread reporting the error cannot accomplish its work. The timeout we set internally is 10 seconds.

When a CBL replicator encounters the “database is locked” error while replicating it loses that change and never retries it even on subsequent replications. It results in documents that are outdated until it’s changed again. On iOS this seems to happen occasionally even with small writes when using the inBatch methods. I haven’t it tried yet but I believe you can replicate this by using inBatch in a thread then starting a replicator.