CouchbaseLiteException (LiteCoreDomain / 16): database is locked


We are using couchbase lite “2.8.6” version in .Net Windows Application. Couchbase Server Edition is “Couchbase Server Community Edition 6.6.0 build 7909”. We are getting “CouchbaseLiteException (LiteCoreDomain / 16): database is locked” exception randomly and data not synching(Replicator type is PushAndPull and Replicator config continuous is true). Some times it’s working without retstarting the application but most of the times getting error continuoulsy until we restart the application. How can it fix by programatically

Thank you

Couchbase Lite 2.8.6 is very old. You might consider updating to one of the more recent versions.

Without the actual backtrace, it will be nearly impossible to diagnose this issue. The most likely cause for this is that you are running multiple actions on the database at the same time. The library code has locks that should prevent this but it is possible if, for instance, you are running multiple replicators at the same time.

If you can share a bit more about how you are driving this and, especially, provide the stack trace (better yet, logs!) maybe we can figure out what is happening.

@blake.meike Which stack trace you are expecting for figure it out

Ummm… The stack trace for:

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