getPendingDocumentIDs returning recently pulled DocumentIDs

I’m working on an android app that uses CBL.
I have two Replication instances going, one for pulling and one for pushing to the sync gateway.
In the app, the user must be able to know which changes (that he/she made) have been synchronized and which are still pending. I decided to go with Replication.getPendingDocumentIDs, but I’ve noticed the documents changed by other devices (and consequently pulled by the Replication puller) also appear as pending on the list provided by the replication pusher.

It’d be nice if you could provide some insight into this
Thanks in advance!

“Echo cancellation” (preventing pulled documents from appearing as new and pushable) can be tricky. I suggest looking at the couchbase-lite-java-core repo’s issue tracker on Github to see if this is a known issue, and if not, file one.