Event for when documents are pushed?

Is there any way to determine when/which documents are pushed by the replication?

The GetPendingDocumentIDs does not seem to be very reliable. We’ve had many situations where all documents have been pushed, yet the GetPendingDocumentIDs method continues to return a value > 0.

Is there anything else we can hook into for push replications?

No, there isn’t. The pendingDocumentIDs property was added for this reason.
Do you have reproducible cases where it behaves incorrectly, or do you have an idea of what triggers the problem? Keep in mind that if a document is modified after the replicator pushes it, it will show up as pending.

(Also, what platform/version is this?)

Let me dig a bit and I’ll upload some more info.

We are using CBLite .NET 1.4.0 on Windows 10.