GetAndTouch always change the expiry to 0 in the retrieved document


I notice that when i call to getAndTouch(String id, int expiry) the expiry of the returned document is always 0, even for exipry != 0 parameter, but the document on DB has the right expiry(e.g : if i use 10 on expiry parameter when i call to getAndTouch, the document will be delete after 10 sec).
I’m getting the same behaviour when I use getAndTouch(Document d) and when I use touch and then get for retrieving the document.
Is it a bug or by deisgn? I’m using 2.1.2 version.


If I remember correctly, the server doesn’t return the expiry in its response and that is why when you issue a get you don’t see any expiry, so this more on the “by design” side of things.

@simonbasle I have a similar question regarding getnadTouch, can you pls take a look ?