Geospatial indexing support


Do Couchbase Server support now geospatial index ? I find this post that is 1 year old - Geospatial support - where Icex asked for geospatial support.

I have to create an application relying on noSQL solution, and I know that the Apache CouchDB throught GeoCouch has a geospatial indexing capability. My question is do the couchbase server provide the same ?

As far as I understand it, Couchebase Server is dedicated to provide distributed data storage where CouchDB only provide one centralized noSQL storage solution, and that’s why I’m more interested in using couchbase server.

I will so use couchbase server if it provides the needed features. There is no very complicated geospatial queries, I only want to retrieve all the entities in a radius of a certain point ( given its latitude and longitude ) that match certain condition on others properties.

Do couchbase server provides this ?

Vaisse Arthur.


Couchbase supports simple bounding box queries in 2.x and from 3.0.1 on multidimensional indexes. This means that you can query on several attributes as long as they are numeric.

Radius search currently isn’t supported, but it could be emulated with a bounding box search.


I should have mentioned that the spatial features are currently considered experimental. This means that we don’t give any guarantees and it might blow up your cluster.