Couchbase and Geo Queries

I was wondering if there is or will be a support to query Couchbase based on geo data. I have a part of my app which allows to have a user draw a area either as a circle, a square or a polygon. Then i want to be able to query the all my properties and see which are inside the specified area.
S my question is, is this possible in general in 6 or 6.5 as i have read some geo stuff is no longer avail in 6. Also is there support to do this via N1QL and if not how would i do it in a nodeJs environment. Where can i find more info as far as current docs goes


You can do this using Couchbase FTS index.
This describes two queries: radius based and box based… that’s circle & square.
We don’t support non-square polygon search yet, but we’re considering that.

In Couchbase 6.5, you can use FTS query from N1QL using the search() predicate.

For older version, there’s a complex way to do this: