Geo Search Index Creation

Is it a requirement that the long and lat for a geo search are stored under an object ? the sample describes the "Creating a Geospatial Index "
or can i map a separate field for lat and long ? Also if lets say i store lat and long under a field like geo, where or how do you define the fields or is there a naming requirement like lat and long ?

Hi @aponnath,
You can map any field (name)for indexing as searchable geo location points. Just that it needs to conform to any of the following standard formats.

Geo-point expressed as an object, with lat and lon keys.
Geo-point expressed as a string with the format: "lat,lon" .
Geo-point expressed as a geohash.
Geo-point expressed as an array with the format: [ lon , lat ]


so based on what you say it cant be 2 fields inside an object like this

	 "_id": "d16da12b-0c63-4e65-8dbc-8a9623dfa0be",
	 "_type": "Residential",
	 "Record": {
		 "ListingId": "F1802040",
		 "StandardStatus": "Closed",
		 "MLSAreaMajor": "610 - Burbank",
		 "Address": {
			 "City": "Burbank",
			 "StateOrProvince": "CA",
			 "PostalCode": 91506,
			 "Longitude": -118.31621200,
			 "Latitude": 34.16792800

if thats’ the case that sucks as i have about 1 million records i would have to mutate

If “Address” is the the geo field you want indexed, then yes.
lon/lng and lat are the supported field names for longitude and latitude.