Any docs available for the 'geopoint' field type?

As far as I can tell, the current FTS docs don’t mention the ‘geopoint’ option that is available in the Field Mapping’s Type drop-down, and I cannot find any examples that use this field type.

Should the data in a geopoint field follow some kind of standard syntax (like datetime fields must be in RFC 3339 format)?

Is there any information available for FTS indexing and querying on geopoint data?


The geo capabilities in FTS are only going to be a “developer preview” feature, even when the final 5.0 release becomes available. Because of this, the documentation has lagged behind.

The only documentation I’m aware of so far is in the code here:

That’s written from Go perspective, not talking specifically about JSON. What we support is:

GeoJSON format, which is an array containing 2 floats, longitude followed by latitude.

"somegeopoint": [140.0,-27.8]

Or, a sub-object in json containing keys “lat” and “lon” or “lng”:

"somegeopoint": {
  "lat": -27.8,
  "lon": 140.0

When querying, in places where a JSON point is expected these same formats are supported.

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Thank you very much!