Generate .pdb for couchbase static lib

Is there any way to generate .pdb file for couchbaseS static library for release and debug build

I tried to add /Fd option in cmake/Modules/GetLibcouchbaseFlags.cmake but it unable to generte .pdb file with symbols for static library.

Also by default cmake builds libcouch client in debug build. is there any setting to change this to release build ?

The couchbaseS library is not intended for public consumption. It is generated as part of the build process for use by test programs.

Likely is that the PDBs are being generated, but not in the same directory. Search for the INSTALL_PDBS CMake macro in the source tree - it might help your case.

The default CMake build is indeed debug – and this is because the project is built for internal development more often than it is built for release. It is simple enough to make it build in release mode, either using CMake (use the -C option), using MSBuild (/p:Configuration=Release), or using the Visual Studio UI (in which you can change the “Active Configuration”)