Couchbase processes debug symbols

I am trying to better understand the the code flow using a debugger. Unfortunantely, the couchbase official releases executables are stripped, and lack debug symbols which make it very difficult to debug it (Using gdb, for example…).

Does anyone have any idea where can I get them? Both enterprise or community releases debug symbols can satisfy me ( windows pdb files are also an option).

BTW, I have tried to build it from source but encountered a compilation error I didn’t know how to resolve, but that is a subject for another thread :slight_smile: .


In this post (CB2.0 - DP12 - “New Database” on UWP results in a Loop?), @borrrden of Couchbase said that the symbols are available at but this isn’t working for me. Perhaps the URL has changed.

That was for mobile, not server. Also mobile is using source link now which makes symbol servers obsolete so that url is no longer needed.

This seems to be an old thread, which build did you need symbols for @Benjamin42 ?