General Question

I know that users are restricted to only sync information from the channels that they have access to. But the question I have is if you have users that share a device and they log in and sync their data to the same device. When querying information would user be pick up user a’s information? Also, Is there a way to purge a specific channels information for the cb lite db. Like say I wanted the clear a specific channels db and then resync how would I do that?

You could probably pull it off but wouldn’t it just be easier to use a separate local DB per user?

I guess what I am trying to see is from the couchbase lite side after you have synced to the local db are there any restrictions on the querying the data if they are all in the same local db.

No, once data is in the local database it is visible to whomever is able to open it.

To add to what Jim said, refer to “supporting multi-user app” pattern in this blog post