Couchbase-ruby-client support for Ruby 2.7

Hi There,

I am in the middle of upgrading our project to Ruby v2.7 and have a trouble with couchbase-ruby-client gem. The bundling process went fine, however I am getting LoadError: cannot load such file – yaji/2.7/parser_ext at runtime.

It seems that this comes from yaji dependency which was resolved to v0.3.5. The latest file in this version of gem is for Ruby v2.1. I believe this project is also maintained by your company, am I right? Could you update it, so everything could work again with latest Ruby?

@Slawo, Ruby SDK 3.0 Beta is now available. Try it and let us know your feedback !

Hi AV25242,

It’s really great to see first class Ruby client support coming back again.

I don’t want to distract from the great work you guys are doing for MRI support but was just wondering how likely it is that we’d see the new client updated to support JRuby in the future too?

Right now I’m using the Java API for a project on JRuby but it would be great to use the native Ruby client but with platform specific code for both MRI and Jruby.


Thanks much @sean and welcome to CB Community.
At present we dont have any plans for JRuby but that being said its not a No either. I will keep you posted when a plan is in place.