Full Text Search JOIN clause

What is the equivalent of JOIN in FTS query?

FROM `travel-sample` AS rte
JOIN `travel-sample` AS aln
  ON rte.airlineid = META(aln).id
NEST `travel-sample` AS lmk
  ON aln.landmarkid = META(lmk).id;

Hi @Gabriel_P1,

I haven’t refreshed myself on the N1QL query’s NEST option, but JOIN queries are something which FTS won’t be able to serve.

My understanding is that - Joins primarily combines results from different tables/buckets, and in FTS we don’t really have the concept of creating such temporary document sets internally from indexes built on different buckets to further process/parse the dataset with additional constructs.

Though FTS has the concept of index alias which performs a naive search result aggregation across different indexes.
ref: fts index alias