FQDN on XDCR hostname match not found

Hi I have deployed couchbase server on GKE in two diffrent projects manually using autonomous operator.
I have created VPC peering as well as dns peering.
I am able to ping the internal dns on both network cb-main-0000.cb-main.default.svc.cb.main using this FQDN. But when i use this as host in XDCR and create replication it calls cb-main-0000.cb-main.default.svc only this domain.
So i am getting no host match found. Is there any way to resolve this or i am missing anything

Hello @johnfortunate, apologies for the delay in getting a reply to you.

Have you worked through the documentation at Couchbase Networking and Configure XDCR?

Specifically, I think you’ll need to set couchbaseclusters.spec.networking.exposedFeatures to contain at least xdcr, and you’ll need “External DNS” working too.