Flag to check couchbase backup is running

We are taking backup from couchbase server using cbbackup command.
Is there a way to find out if cbbackup is currently running or had run in the past hour?
As of now we have used ep_dcp_other_items_remaining flag to ensure if backup has been happened recently.
The output array in ep_dcp_other_items_remaining returns zero values if backup has not happened recently whereas if backup has happened the array has some non zero values.
Is this understanding correct? Else let us know if any there is any other flag to verify the same.

Couchbase version :4.1

Hi @priyadarshini.venkat,

It seems as if that flag shows the total items remaining in DCP other than replication, XDCR, and indexing. This may include backup, but it is not limited to just backup (though most of the time, backup may be the only “other” DCP process that you use). I’m not sure there is any other check to make sure that cbbackup is running, other than monitoring the cbbackup process itself.

Thanks @matthew.groves for the reply.