First Level Review of in 5.0 and 1.5

Hi Guys,

I am facing lot of issues on latest production available couch-base server 5.0. Following are few:-

I upgraded it on DEV environment from 4.6.3. The older one was using high level of CPU even when the number of documents are less then half a million and only 1 sync gateway with max 50 mobile users and kafka connector. It got 9 buckets.

It got 100% CPU almost every time. There are 4 cores and 16 GB of RAM. swapiness and THP is configured as provided in the documents.

Even after upgrade the CPU is still 100% and Beam.smp , Indexer and Memchached using all the CPU.

Restarted the VM , added a node but then Rebalance is very slow even when 0.25 million documents will be transferred. it has already taken 2 hours in re-balance till the time of writing this.

queries are running slowly, the good part is the time out has been increased.

Memory foot print is low. But please help me reduce CPU usage and slowness.

Pankaj Sharma

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This is the first level review. I will be writing a long-term review after more testing and comparison. Please note that this is with Couchbase lite 1.4.1 and only server components have been changed.

What I liked: -

  1. New interface
    • It’s refreshing. With new colour and clean design. Less number of colours and more information.
  2. Security changes
    • Different Users with different roles each for a separate bucket can be created. Giving read only, Select query on type of rights.
  3. Query history
    • One can see what queries have run and find out slowest completed queries. Apart from this monitoring queries can be turned on and off. Very helpful feature in analyzing queries.
  4. Removal of sync meta data from the document. Make document data more readable.
  5. All documents even inserted or update directly on the server are available to mobile devices.
  6. Ways to define what type of documents are available to mobile and what not.
  7. Full text search and index
  8. New query editor
  9. Visual Query plan.
  10. Query Monitor where one can filter queries based on performance.
  11. Feedback of every page can be provided directly to Couchbase using Userback ( ).

What I didn’t like: -

  • New UI need more than one click at places where on older UI things were available without clicks
  • Slowness mentioned above.
  • No way to insert images on server like we do it in sync gateway.

Hi @pankaj.sharma,

Firstly, thank you so much for candid feedback on 5.0.

With every release especially the major ones performance is high focus for us. To get to the bottom of whats causing that slowness (since it involves both Server and SyncGateway) when you upgraded your DEV VM to 5.0 I would request you to file JIRA issue and add details about your DEV environment (Server & Sync Gateway versions), steps you performed in upgrading also run cbcollect_info to capture the logs which you can attach to issue for debugging purposes.

Secondly, appreciate your feedback feature functionality you like and what to improve.


Product Management

Thanks @anil Right now I dont have an ID but will be doing the same ASAP.

I also noticed that pushing images from couch db lite to sync gateway has become slower. Is anybody looking into it.

Are we planning for 5.1 or 1.5.1 with performance enhancement?