Feedback Wanted: Response Time Observability (RTO)

The Couchbase team has been working on a feature called Response Time Observability (RTO) and we are looking for feedback from the Couchbase community!

The SDK team use an RFC process feature development, and if you want to read through this one you can see it here:

We also have more technical how-to based documentation for each of the languages we support. e.g. .NET

We would like to hear from you, so if you have any questions or suggestions just comment below.


Hello Mike,

I understand this is a bit old post. But this was very relevant to what we were looking for and hence posting it against this one.

I see .net & java, is there no such tracing available for the C SDK?


Indeed it is available:

Long story short, in 3.x this is being reworked as we want to align to the OpenTelemetry project. We have a set of the existing functionality though. See also the updated sdk-rfc on updated Response Time Observability.

If there’s something specific you’re looking for and cannot find, I’d be glad to try to point you in the right direction.