FEATURE REQUEST: Externalize Sync Function

I am sure this must have been suggested many, many times, but please externalize the sync function in future versions. It would really make more sense to provide the path to a file that contains the sync function than having to put it inline in the configuration file. My sync function is huge, and now that I have multiple databases, its getting very hard to manage.

I created a feature request for this here: https://github.com/couchbase/sync_gateway/issues/1274

One advantage to doing this is that if you have lots of databases with the same sync function you can avoid repeating your code.

Awesome - thank you :slight_smile:

Hello, bumping this up. I do see that the changes have been merged to master - CBG-1149 Generic support for externalizing JavaScript function definitions in separate JavaScript files by sarathkumarsivan · Pull Request #4842 · couchbase/sync_gateway · GitHub.

Any estimated time frame for releasing this feature?

Hi, this feature is planned to be released in the next major release.

Great thanks, is there any date set for the next major release yet?

Tagging @priya.rajagopal for input :smiley:

@apanyala We do not have a public release date that we can share as yet. But we hope to have a beta ahead of the official GA. So stay tuned.

Sounds good.
Thanks @IsaacL @priya.rajagopal !