Facing Issue while connecting to Couchbase bucket using PythonSDK

Hi Team,

We are facing issue while connecting to Couchbase using Python SDK. Please someone from support team, could help us to resolve this issue. Need assistance from support team.

Mayank Goel

Hi @Mayank_Goel - If you have an enterprise license you can create a support ticket via the support portal. Your Couchbase account team (sales executive and solutions engineer) should be able to help point you in the right direction to get that process started. Also, we have a free onboarding tutorial that you can walk through fairly quickly.

If you do not have an enterprise license we can help out via this forum. However, we will need some further information around the problem you are seeing in order to help diagnose what might be going on.

  • Version of the Python SDK
  • Python version
  • Operating System
  • Logs from the error seen (see docs here on logging with the Python SDK)
  • Sample code if possible

Another helpful tool in diagnosing connections is SDK Doctor. See the documentation on the tool here.