Cannot connect to Couchbase on Python SDK 3.0

I’m not able to connect to couchbase community-6.6.0 with python sdk 3.0. You are giving the error: couchbase.exceptions.LCB_0x400 (generated, catch: BaseException, KeyValueException, AnalyticsException, ViewException): <RC = 0x400 [LCB_ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED (1024)], There was a problem while trying to send / receive your request over the network . This may be a result of a bad network or a misconfigured client or server, C Source = (src / bucket.c, 1209)>

Python 3.8.5
SDK 3.0.9

Hello @Rodolfo welcome to the forums. Can you paste you code here so that we have a better understanding. The error is pretty clear that one of your bootstrapping configuration is mis-configured.