Export millions of documents

Hi all,

we have a bucket of 400M+ documents on Couchbase 7.2.3 instance and we need to export them to an external disk as a backup.

I tried to use cbexport, but I’ve seen some limitations:

  1. No metadata are exported, hence the document ID isn’t exported.
  2. The scope/collection fields should be added to the documents, adding fields not handled by the application using those documents.

Is there something that I’m missing?
Is there a better way to perform this kind of activity?

Adding a bit of context:
The Couchbase instance is deployed on a Kubernetes Cluster.
I’m using another pod that is not part of the cluster, but has the same image version, in order to attach the disk and use the cbexport utility.

to an external disk as a backup

Maybe use cbbackupmgr? https://docs.couchbase.com/server/current/manage/manage-backup-and-restore/manage-backup-and-restore.html

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At the end, we transferred the content of the backup disk (generated by the cbbackupmgr tool) to the external hdd.

We’ll then use that disk to restore the data with the cbbackupmgr restore command.