Cbexport finds no data

I have a bucket with several scopes, each of which has a number of collections. When I try to use cbexport to dump the data to a file, it seems I have the args correct, it runs without error, but reports 0 records exported. There are over 380,000 JSON documents in the bucket, stored in the various scopes and collections. Is there something I am missing? Couchbase Server 7.1, command line:

cbexport json --cluster “mycluster” --username “myuser” --password “somepwd” --bucket mybucket --output “./data/export/mybucket-2023-06-26.json” --format list --scope-field scope --collection-field collection -t 2

Please post the output from the command. It should look something like:

JSON exported to `my_bucket.json` successfully
Documents exported: 12 Documents skipped: 137


Json exported to ./data/export/swarm-2023-06-26.json successfully
Documents exported: 0 Documents skipped: 0

Are you possibly also using --include-data ? or --exclude-data ?

Repeat the command using the -v options - that might provide some additional information.
There is also an --gocbcore-log-level trace option, but I’m not sure that will help.

cbexport gives an error message if the user doesn’t have the required (backup) permissions.

The only other thing is that you are accidentally pointing to a different cluster. But I think you would have figured that out.

I don’t have any other ideas. Open a ticket at issues.couchbase.com