Excessive use of GSI is good or bad?

excessive use of GSI is good or bad?

It depends on what you mean by “excessive”?

If a single query is doing lot of index scans (or lot of items in the index), you may have an issue. Correct index design and creation will address this.

If your application has the document key already, you can/should get to data directly with the API. When this isn’t an option, use query and GSI index. You do need to size the indexes properly. See: https://www.slideshare.net/journalofinformix/couchbase-n1ql-index-advisor

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thanks for replay.
excess means more number of GSI indexes and index node has to be vertical scaling for hardware and using more GSI is eventual consistency also.is it GSI is anit pattern ??,Couchbase is claiming it is CP system also.

Yes. Index can scale both horizontally (by partitioning and index replica) and vertically by exploiting SMP machines for size and scale.

The data from Index is always eventually consistent, but you can set the consistency levels by setting scan_consistency for the query.

The data service is a CP system.

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