Excel in Couchbase


I have some datasets from a project I am doing right now. These datasets are in an Excel format. Is it possible to use these datasets in my couchbase server?

Can you give a little more context on the problem?
You have an Excel spreadsheet with data, and you want to store the data in Couchbase instead of Excel?

If you save your spreadsheet as CSV, you can use cbimport tool for loading your dataset into Couchbase bucket:

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Thank you for your answers.

when I try the “cbimport” command but I always get “not command ‘cbimport’ found, did you mean: command ‘c2bimport’ from package ‘cb2bib’ (universe) cbimport: command not found”

Is c2bimport the same command as you mean?

I am using the community edition, is this maybe the problem?

@chaitra.ramarao: Can you please follow-up on this?

Yes, cbimport is currently only an EE tool. We plan to make it available for CE in our upcoming release in Q2, 2019.