Cbtransfer import and export


I am slightly confused as to the logic of exporting in CSV, yet importing Documents. Basically it appears to be exporting data in a format that is not importable. Why does it work this way? What is the cbtransfer syntax that will export one bucket to a file that can be directly imported (without alteration) into another bucket (on localhost). When I do get JSON to be exported, I see all the Couchbase metadata in there (eg. values for ‘cas’, ‘vvid’, ‘rev’). When this is imported, Couchbase seems to think its actually part of the data (and not metadata) and, as such, these fields and their values appear when viewing Documents in the web UI.



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I am also facing same issue with cbtransafer tool. It is importing document metadata e.g. cas, ttl etc as part of document content.

I’m also with the same problem. Does anyone knows how to solve it?

Using “cbimport” command , can an array be imported present in a csv file into Couchbase?
Any command how I can store array [] in json document importing from CSV file in couchbase?