Example of helm override for autonomous operator

Having some difficulty getting the latest autonomous operator to successfully build an on-prem cluster with persistence using default storage class being used, and standalone yamls for users etc do not work…can somebody point me to a good comprehensive example? Docs have snippets and half seem like they are not compatible with the current release, amd YouTube videos are all 2 years old for autonomous operator…thx in advance.

for example, have managed=true for cluster, buckets, etc. and then try to add a bucket through the yaml below. It’s added, and shows up in k8s as a couchbasecluster no problem (along with the default bucket). But, neither one show up on the UI. Why?

apiVersion: couchbase.com/v2
kind: CouchbaseBucket
  name: somebucket
    cluster: couchbasedev
  memoryQuota: 100Mi
  replicas: 2
  ioPriority: high
  enableIndexReplica: true

and similar with a user, one was created with the initial operator install, and it shows via kubectl get couchbaseuser, but it doesn’t show up in the UI, and I can add a user via the UI with the same username and password and it doesn’t complain…
What am i missing?

Hey ksully,

Are you using a selector from the cluster definition to select the user/buckets? Here is the documentation on how to use labelSelectors to select buckets for the cluster to create https://docs.couchbase.com/operator/current/concept-label-selection.html and here is a link to our documentation for setting up RBAC users using the same label selector mechanism How-to Guide: Couchbase User RBAC | Couchbase Docs