Eventing service wont run, like its stuck in a rolling boot

Trying to get the eventing service running on nodes in my cluster, but after adding the service we see the following message in the logs over an over again and are not able to initialize the service:

Service ‘eventing’ exited with status 1. Restarting. Messages:
2021-02-02T14:55:40.617+00:00 [Info] SuperSupervisor::TopologyChangeNotifCallback [0] Path => /eventing/rebalanceToken/124c0ffc26ade9f4d57b82f678e9e802 value => 124c0ffc26ade9f4d57b82f678e9e802
2021-02-02T14:55:40.619+00:00 [Info] SuperSupervisor::GlobalConfigChangeCallback [0] Path => /eventing/settings/config value => {“enable_debugger”:false,“ram_quota”:972}
2021-02-02T14:55:40.619+00:00 [Info] SuperSupervisor::HandleGlobalConfigChange [0] Config key: enable_debugger value: false
2021-02-02T14:55:40.619+00:00 [Info] SuperSupervisor::HandleGlobalConfigChange [0] Config key: ram_quota value: 972
2021-02-02T14:55:40.625+00:00 [Info] servicesChangeNotifier: Creating new notifier instance for http://%40eventing-cbauth@, default
2021-02-02T14:55:40.627+00:00 [Info] serviceChangeNotifier: received ServiceChangeNotification
2021-02-02T14:55:40.627+00:00 [Info] SuperSupervisor::TopologyChangeNotifCallback [0] Apps in primary store: , running apps: map
2021-02-02T14:55:40.630+00:00 [Info] serviceChangeNotifier: received PoolChangeNotification

@odonnry What is the version of Couchbase Server you are running? How many nodes you have? Can you please do a cbcollect and share the information?

@raju The issue has been fixed. a failover and stop/start on the couchbase service seem to do the trick. We also had a blocked port that pop up as an issue after we got past the original issue.

Enterprise Server 6.6.1
3 node cluster

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