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Hi, I’m trying to create some form of CI/CD pipeline and when I try to deploy some new version of the Javascript to the AppCode endpoint of an undeployed/paused (either one) function I get the following result: Function: {scope}/{collection}/{function} appcode stored in the metakv.

When I then check the Javascript in the Function on the UI of the Couchbase server the changes I made aren’t present so I was wondering what happens with the JavaScript when it’s stored in the MetaKV? I went through the documentation of the Eventing rest API but there isn’t too much of it.

My version is
EE 7.1.3 build 3479

Thanks in advance!

Hi @DeamyV ,

Did you do a browser refresh the UI will not dynamically / automatically pick up the new indexes you create via the REST API.

Are you accessing REST as an admin user? This leads to namespace issues that’s why there are two versions of the REST API for many tasks WRT Eventing.

What is the “Function scope” of the Eventing function (*.* or other).

Example I have a function MyFunc with a function scope of “data._default” in the undeployed state. It currently has workers set to 1.

I want to set workers to 6 my host is and I used evars for the username and password.

curl -XPOST -d '{"deployment_status":false,"processing_status":false,"worker_count":6}' "http://${CB_USERNAME}:${CB_PASSWORD}@"


 "code": 0

Now the UI is not showing the update workers still “seem to be 1”, but if I do a browser refresh the workers are now set to 6.

Of course you can verify via the REST API itself

 curl -XGET "http://${CB_USERNAME}:${CB_PASSWORD}@"


 "dcp_stream_boundary": "everything",
 "deployment_status": false,
 "description": "",
 "execution_timeout": 60,
 "language_compatibility": "6.6.2",
 "log_level": "INFO",
 "n1ql_consistency": "none",
 "num_timer_partitions": 240,
 "processing_status": false,
 "timer_context_size": 1024,
 "user_prefix": "eventing",
 "worker_count": 6


Jon Strabala
Principal Product Manager - Server‌

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