Create function via REST API - stuck in deployed/bootstrapping

I’ve created a function via the REST API (once with deployed: true, processing: true; and once with deployed: false, processing: false) and it is stuck in deployed/bootstrapping mode. It can’t be deleted and can’t be undeployed (either via REST or UI). The function is a copy (with changed names) of another working function. Is there any way to delete/clear this short of dropping the server instance?

I’m using Enterprise Edition 5.5.1 build 3511 via docker (1 node).


Could you please share cbcollect from your cluster?

Are you evaluating Eventing presently? If yes, would suggest to to give Couchbase 6.0 beta a try (don’t use debugger there because of a bug there, GA build will have the fix).


Zip file is 104MB… Any recommendations on sharing it?

Could follow the steps mentioned here.

Appears to requires a support account. I’m just evaling eventing. But I had the exact same issue with the 6.0 beta image.

It doesn’t.

You could just upload via following command - mentioned in previous link as well

curl --upload-file <>

Please share the command you used afterwards, so that I could find the cbcollect from your cluster.

Uploaded directly from UI under ssdowd-eval.



Unfortunately, I didn’t get notification for your previous message - hence the delay in responding. What you faced is same as Possible bug: eventing.log error on missing `log_level` which has been addressed

Would suggest to either pass log_level field or leverage UI to create functions(which by default passes that field).