Eventing metadata bucket keeps growing after upgrade version 6.5


I’ve just upgraded my couchbase version from 6.0 .1 to 6.5.1 in my dev env.
After upgrade, I found my eventing metdata bucket size keep growing (now 20Gb size) for only 1024 docs.
Is there anyone knows how to check this one?


Wow 20G that’s insane does sound excessive before I hazard to take a guess I do have some questons

  1. Do you use timers? (I assume not because you would have 2048 docs)
  2. Do you use cURL ? (note the curl syntax has changes)
  3. Do use use N1QL? (note you need to do an .close() on your N1QL iterators in 6.5.1)
  4. Did you increase the size of the metadata bucket when you upgraded?
  5. Are you sure all the bucket settings are the same (I assume you are using all defaults for a type couchbase bucket and not a ephemeral bucket)?
  6. Are you running a high velocity Eventing function (if so please explain) or is the system idle?
  7. What are the ops/sec on the metadata bucket.
  8. Can you share your Function?
  9. What is the RAM quota 100MB for your metadata bucket? (I assume 100MB)
  10. In Servers/Statistics scroll down and expand your function do you see any errors?

I can even guess at this without a bit more details.


I solve it by recreating the bucket.
I saw there are few corrupted documents in there