Error while trying to query my own repository in the Query Tutorial #3


I’m trying to execute any query at the query tutorial #3 whit my own bucket and i’m not able to.

  1. When i choose a wrong bucket name, i got the “non existing bucket repsonse”, so there is no conectivity issues.
  2. When the bucket it’s empty, i got no errors, just a empty response, which is great.
  3. If the bucket name is right and there is at least one document in it, i got the following error regardless of the query

“error”: {
“caller”: “fetch:117”,
“cause”: “Error doing bulk get - cause: {1 errors, starting with bulkget exceeded MaxBulkRetries for vbucket 30}”,
“code”: 5000,
“key”: “Internal Error”,
“message”: “error getting bulk response”

I must be doing something wrong, but i cannot see what.

Any ideas?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Yaco,

We’ll get someone to contact you directly today and work with you to figure out what’s going on.

Very well, thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, I am having the same issue as described in here, did you get to fix it? Would you please help me as well? :slight_smile:


Hi jhadis,

One of our engineers will respond here and help you troubleshoot this.


Hi jhadis,

I’ll need some more information to troubleshoot this issue,

  1. Version of couchbase server
  2. Does the bucket that you are trying to run queries against require SASL authentication ?


Hi Manik,

  1. Version: 2.2.0 community edition (build-837)
  2. Yes, actually deleting the password protection, it does not happen and it works normally.

Thank you for your help

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

Great, N1QL DP3 doesn’t support SASL protected buckets. We will be adding support for this in the near future.