Error while running sample travel ap (

s1 : Bobys-MacBook-Air:desktop loonycorn$ git clone
(got this file from git)

s2:pip install -r requirements.txt (ok done)

s3: new couchbase (server)cluster setuping :
#server in my mac (6.5):
cluster name : localhost
username : Administrator ,
password : password
travel-sample ,sample bucket installed
can access with the help of those credentials to server in ui

s4 . python

now please check out my zip file for and say changes where have to be done ??
according to my couchbase credentials.

i only changed this in
Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 4.15.14 PM

error :

please help me out

Hi @boby,

Since you are using Server 6.5, I’d recommend you look at the 6.5 branch of that repository: