Error while executing couchbase with play


   I am using couchbase server with play framework , i am getting the error as

ConfigurationException: Configuration for bucket "default" was not found in server list ([]).

Can anyone help me to solve this error,

Thank you in advance

Does your cluster have a bucket “default” in it? Also, note that if you’re using a 5.x or later cluster, you may have to create a user named “default” to work with the authentication changes in 5.x. See the docs for details.

Yes there is default bucket in it

I am getting error as below


In application.config of play framework ,i have given like

buckets = [{

what is base=pools here

Which version of the server are you using? Based on what I see, I’m guessing play framework is not using the modern RBAC authenticator, so you’ll probably need to create a user named “default” with a password to match the bucket.

The reason you see the error this way is that starting with Couchbase Server 5.0, in order to walk the REST interface to find the buckets, the right authentication header needs to be there.

Hopefully this helps!