Encoding characters from other languages when saving JSON Document to Couchbase

Hello, using Couchbase Server Community 7.1 and NodeJS SDK 4.1.0,
I am saving some addresses located in various countries. For example, the address “Tárnok u. 18” is saved as “Tárnok u. 18” when I check it in the couchbase interface.
When I console.log the string just before saving, I get the correct output, so I’m sure the problem occurs when saving to couchbase.
I checked the InsertOptions which is the third parameter of the “insert” method of Collection, and it includes a transcoder attribute. Do I need to use that option to save strings in other languages ?


Please check out:


Hello Aaron,
do I need to write a custom transcoder to save an UTF-8 string to the database ?
I didn’t need to in the previous versions of Couchbase.